Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look at a family that struggles with a decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Dale and Kelly's daughter, Brittney, an honor roll student and star athlete, was 15 when she revealed she was pregnant, and the news dramatically changed this family. Sixteen years old and six-and-a-half months into her pregnancy, Brittney reveals the plan for her unborn baby. How do her parents feel about her decision, and do they think she'll stick by her plan?


"She thinks it's all going to be very easy for her."



By Her Side

Brittney met Jody shortly before she adopted her second child. Brittney accompanied the adoptive mom as she picked up the baby, and the teen learned firsthand the ups and downs of the adoption process. 


Dr. Phil cameras capture Brittney and Jody's first meeting.



The Adoption Process

To help Brittney learn more about adoption, Dr. Phil arranges for her to meet with an agency and attorney who specialize in placing children with loving parents. Are the visits more emotional for Kelly or Brittney?


What has Dr. Phil and Brittney's parents so concerned about the teen's decision?



Open Adoption

Amy was placed for adoption when she was a baby. As an adult, she found and developed a relationship with her birth parents, but she no longer speaks with them.


Find out why Amy says open adoptions are a bad idea.



After the Taping

A few months after the taping, Brittney gave birth to a baby boy. Did she stick with her plan to place the baby for adoption?


"I knew that it was the right decision."