Dr. Phil's daytime exclusive with Nadya Suleman continues. The unemployed single mother of six who gave birth to octuplets answers the public's number one question: Does she feel she made a mistake? Plus, Nadya's mother, Angela, joins the discussion. How does she feel about her daughter's decisions? And, Dr. Phil relays a phone call he received from Nadya moments before the show.



A Phone Call from Nadya

Minutes before the show, Dr. Phil receives a panicked call from Nadya at the hospital.


Find out why Nadya's children may not be released into her care.


Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts:
"I know that many of you are frustrated with Nadya. Maybe you feel better about this interview; maybe you feel worse. But the point I made before is we can't turn our back on this woman without turning our back on these 14 children. She needs help, and I think we need to get into our compassion and out of our anger and focus on these 14 children. I mean, the corporate people who usually step up in this situation: diaper manufacturers, baby food companies, they haven't stepped forward, and I think this is the time that we need to get past this and put the children's interests ahead of our judgments against the mistakes this mother has made. So please, please help this woman so she can help these children. Anybody can make a contribution or make a donation of goods, or money or whatever. Particularly those of you who are in the L.A. area, the Whittier area, who could volunteer, who could help. If your heart leads you to do that, then again, think of these 14 children. This is what Robin and I focus on when we're not here, and we're very concerned about these kids. Hopefully you'll find it in your heart to help in some way."


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