Can married people be friends with someone of the opposite sex without sex getting in the way? At what point does a friendly relationship become an affair of the heart or emotional infidelity? Meet Randy, who says his wife, Amanda, has crossed that line.


Affair or Fantasy?

Randy says that during their 11-year marriage, Amanda has been emotionally unfaithful time and time again, with men ranging from online acquaintances to a rock-and-roll singer who happened to be Randy's best friend. As a former Navy Seal, he feels like he's in a constant state of red alert because he has to watch Amanda like a hawk. Are the young wife's emotional entanglements just harmless fantasies?


"I do like the tingly feeling you get as far as falling in love and the newness of it."



The Path to Healing

Can this marriage, rocked by betrayal and facing a true time of reckoning, continue? And, how great a role does drinking play in Amanda's indiscretions? Plus, the couple's three little girls suffer the fallout from their mom and dad's problems.


Learn the classic parenting mistake Amanda and Randy make that you don't want to repeat.