Every family has a little drama, but imagine having cameras follow you around during the chaos! Every week, millions of viewers tune in to see the hit reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner, his wife, Kris, and thraee of their daughters, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian, sit down with Dr. Phil to dish about their family issues and their busy blended-family life in Hollywood " and in the public eye. Plus, they weigh in on viewers' questions.


Life on Reality TV

Dr. Phil sits down with Kourtney, Khloe and Kim to talk about life in the spotlight on their hit TV show, their blended family of 10, and the sibling rivalry caught on camera.


Learn about their one big fight and why it still makes Kim angry. 



Tabloid Scrutiny

The Kardashian family shares their biggest pet peeves about each other, and how they deal with the tabloids. Bruce and Kris reveal what it's like to raise two young girls amidst the chaos. 


Kim describes her tabloid humiliations. 



Lessons Learned

Khloe says being in the spotlight can be tough, especially when the cameras are there for your mistakes. She shares the lessons she learned after she got arrested for driving under the influence. Plus, the girls open up about the man they knew as Uncle O.J., and the part of their childhood they spent in the middle of the trial of the century. 


"We didn't know which parent to side with." 



At Each Other's Throats

Erica says she knows all about sibling rivalry because when she and her older brother, John, fight, it's a full-fledged war. She sends in a video plea for help dealing with an annoying sibling.   


How can she stop fighting with her brother? 



In the Dog House

Kelly runs a dog rescue out of her home. Recently, her husband, Dan, put his foot down and said the 18 dogs had to go. Kelly found homes for all of the rescues, but now Dan wants their three pet Labradors to go too. Should she get rid of their beloved pets or should Dan learn to compromise?


"It's either my husband or my dogs." 

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