Three young couples in relationships rife with issues such as lying, infidelity and violent fights meet Dr. Phil for an intense three-day relationship overhaul. Can they get their relationships back on track for the sake of their children?


Trapped and Desperate


Tara, 22

Common-law marriage with Matt for seven years; three children
"Most days I want to walk away from the marriage completely. Why me? Why do I have to have a relationship like this? Our relationship is so far in the ditch that I don't even know if we can save it." 


Monica, 20

Married for two years to Cadum; one child

"I never thought I would end up like this: two years into a marriage and wanting out. I feel like I have no one to turn to. I can't take another day in this marriage."


Jenna, 21

Engaged to Ed; together five years; two children

"Every day with my fiancé is hell. When I wake up in the morning, I wonder how I can get away. I don't know what the next day is going to bring."


Dr. Phil meets with the young women.



Husbands on the Defensive


Matt, 26 

Common-law marriage with Tara for seven years; three children

"It's not that easy being married to Tara. You never know what to expect. You don't know whether you'll be fighting that day or the best of friends. Tara just likes to fight. Things have gotten physical a few times. I'd like to say that she's almost like a fourth child, but at least the children listen."  


Cadum, 22

Married for two years to Monica; one child
"My wife is very controlling in most aspects of our relationship. Monica is more like my mother, not my wife. She's a little firecracker. She can go off the handle pretty quick. Monica's thrown cell phones, plates, coffee mugs, vases. I'm sure Monica thinks I'm the problem in this marriage, but she is."   


Ed, 21

Engaged to Jenna; together five years; two children
Ed says, "It's not easy being in a relationship with Jenna. When she gets mad, she's going to hit me, no matter what I say or what I try to do. Jenna has cracked my collarbone with a table leg, broken my nose with palm of her fist. She's punched me repeatedly in the face, she's kicked me, she's wrapped a necklace around her hand and beaten me pretty badly. Jenna has choked me to the point where I've passed out." 


Dr. Phil gets the other side of the story. 



Put to the Test


Dr. Phil makes an offer to overhaul their relationships. Will they take it?


"This is your chance."