Every day there seems to be a different buzz about Nadya Suleman and her famous octuplets. The single mother of 14 faces an audience for the first time as she sits down with Dr. Phil to get to the bottom of the rampant rumors and speculation. Plus, hear about exciting new developments in the care of Nadya's 14 children.


The Private Meeting

Dr. Phil opens up about the private meeting with Nadya that he held at his house. "You don't need gossip and speculation because I'm here to tell you there was a meeting. I will tell you who was there, how it happened, why we had the meeting and what we talked about," he says.


Go inside the gathering that everyone is wondering about.



Putting the Rumors to Rest

Nadya addresses the rumors and speculation about the million-dollar offer to star in a pornographic video, her frantic 911 calls, the departure of her second spokesperson and the alleged sale of the octuplets' birth video.  


"My goal is to never be a burden on any taxpayer."


Don't miss the continuation of this special, when Dr. Phil meets the octuplets and delivers a big surprise for Nadya!

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