Chris Brown and Rihanna's domestic abuse allegations have placed a national spotlight on this silent epidemic. Why do some women return to violent relationships, and why can't some men refrain from striking the woman they say they love?


Dr. Phil issues a strong warning to abusers: "If you're going to try to sell to me that it's OK to hit a woman, you need to circle the wagons, because I'm coming!"


Deception and Abuse

Vicki and Ernie called it quits after he admitted to an emotional affair. Vicki says her ex-husband was loving and charming when they first met, but now she's unsure if she can trust him. 


"I don't believe a word that comes out of his mouth."



A Changed Man?

Ernie went to jail for beating Vicki, but he says he's rehabilitated and wants a second chance. Should she take him back or kick him to the curb for good?


What does Dr. Phil think?



Hitting a Wrong Note?
A high-profile couple made headlines for alleged domestic violence. The bruised photos of pop diva Rihanna shocked and outraged fans all over the world. Reportedly, she has taken back R&B singer Chris Brown, the man accused of assaulting her.


Hear Dr. Phil's experience of the teen idol.