After Nadya Suleman's two-part special with Dr. Phil, the cameras continue rolling. Dr. Phil leads a question and answer session between the mother everyone is talking about and the studio audience. See Nadya openly answer viewers' questions.

Get caught up on what you've missed. 


Candid Answers

How will she take care of herself while caring for 14 kids? Where will the children be while she pursues her education? How will she find transportation for all her kids?


"I'm going to do everything I possibly can to make it work, and we'll see what happens." 




Still Skeptical

Many people still have a hard time wrapping their mind around Nadya's challenges ahead. After she leaves the stage, Dr. Phil takes more questions from his audience, and people speak more freely.


"I'm sorry, this is just killing me. I don't know how she's going to do it."  



Feelings of Guilt

Nadya reflects backstage about her experience facing an audience for the first time, and why she feels guilty.  


"I believe their concern, and their worry, and their anger, even, is warranted." 



A Neighborhood Reacts

Being thrown into the spotlight after having octuplets was a big shock for Nadya Suleman, but imagine the shock of finding out a family of 14 was moving in next door to you. The new octuplet home has become a media magnet, and it has been nothing short of a frenzy for Nadya's new neighbors.  


"I would like to have my neighborhood back." 

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