Are you still searching for your dream mate, or do you wonder if the person you're dating is The One? Along with Patti Stanger, founder of the Millionaire's Club and star of Bravo TV's The Millionaire Matchmaker, Dr. Phil serves up advice for finding the love of your life.

Meet the Matchmaker

Patti sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss her hit show, and to dish the dirt on working with millionaires.


"How do you screen for gold diggers?"



Sick of Being Single

Heidi, a millionairess from Season 2 of The Millionaire Matchmaker, says it's hard to meet quality men in Los Angeles and feels like she only chooses men who are commitment-phobes.


Could Heidi be sabotaging her chances for romance? 



Head over Heels

Damien, a former pro-football player, says the woman of his dreams must have perfect feet, and Tamarrah says she won't go out with a man who doesn't make six figures. Find out what happens when Dr. Phil sends these picky people on a date … with each other!


"When I met him, I looked into his eyes ..."



Hapless in the Hunt for Love

Danielle says she hasn't gotten to a second date in four years. One suitor even left her high and dry in the middle of dinner. Learn what Patti says Danielle must do to land her man.


"You scream old lady in a shoe." 



Broadcasting the Wrong Message?

Lindsay, 24, is a virgin who says the men she meets are only interested in sex. So why does she wear sexy tops that show cleavage? 


"You're leading with those gazungas!"



Dueling Dating Divas!

Another leading matchmaker, April Beyer of Beyer & Company, says she disagrees with Patti's dating beliefs. Don't miss their heated debate! And, a couple in the audience wonders if they should stay together or call it quits.


"Matchmaking should never be superficial."


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  • Patti Stanger is the founder and CEO of The Millionaire's Club, an international matchmaking service. For more information, click here.
  • April Beyer, is a relationship coach and matchmaker
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