Are women really digging for gold? Would they choose a man with a hefty paycheck over passion? Dr. Phil digs deeper to find out.


Wants to Marry Rich
Angel is only attracted to men with money. She won't even "give a guy the time of day if he's driving anything less than a BMW."



View more of her story and Dr. Phil's advice.



How To Snare a Millionaire
"I believe every woman should have the opportunity to marry a millionaire," says author Lisa Johnson who teaches classes about finding a man with cash. 


Get Lisa's advice and Dr. Phil's reaction.



A Real Millionaire Bachelorette

Kathleen wants to find a man who wants her for more than her money. She's tired of being a sugar mama!  




View more of her story and Dr. Phil's advice.


Is She Leaving Love For Money?
Sandy called in concerned about her sister, who left her seemingly good marriage of 10 years for a multimillionaire who's 30 years older. "What do I do as her sister?" she asks. Dr. Phil offers this advice: "Mind your own business."



An Undercover Experiment
Do women really care about the size of a man's wallet? An actor goes undercover to find out how women react to a man with and without money. 



Find out what happened.

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 How to Snare a Millionaire
by Lisa Johnson
Publisher: St. Martins Mass Market Paper