"I usually like to tell people to find out what makes them happy in life, and go out and do it," Dr. Phil says. But what happens when the pursuit of a dream causes tension in your family? Dr. Phil's guests are husbands and fathers who strive to become stars in the music industry, but their wives say they are putting their family's future at risk along the way. Will the men put their dreams on hold after talking with Dr. Phil and being critiqued by legendary music producer David Foster? And, tell us if you think these men should pursue music careers!


Financial Discord

Dan, 32, is chasing at least four dreams. He gave up a successful full-time job to pursue his love of music. His wife, Sharon, wants him to focus on one goal and devote more time to their family.


"I feel like a lot of my failures are just bad breaks."


Playing Beats Instead of Paying Bills?

Cristin says her husband, Jaye, puts his dream to produce hit rap music before his family. He even bought equipment for his hobby instead of paying their gas bill. Cristin says she's ready to pack her bags and leave.


Is Jaye's dream a pipe dream, or does he have real talent?


Making It as a Star

Kimberly Caldwell was a finalist on Season 2 of American Idol and is now hosting P. Diddy's StarMarker on MTV. She has suffered through the ups and downs of a career in the music business, and shares important advice with Dan and Jaye. 


"Being realistic in this business is so important."


DrPhil.com Exclusive
Can you guess which star had a day job as an aluminum siding salesman: Harrison Ford, Rodney Dangerfield or Danny DeVito? Play our matching game to find out the answer.


Extra Content

  • P. Diddy's Starmaker premieres on MTV this month.