The bridal party may look beautiful, the guests may arrive on time, and the best man may remember the rings, but sometimes the best-planned ceremonies can go horribly wrong.


Jilted at the Altar

Gi'Zelle is well acquainted with wedding disasters. When she woke up on her special day, she had no idea she'd end the evening eating pizza at home with her bridesmaids. Gi'Zelle says the man of her dreams left her at the altar, and she hasn't seen or spoken to him since.


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A Shocking Reception

Brandi says a series of mishaps marred the day she wed Robert. But nothing could prepare her for the biggest calamity of them all, one that caused her to be rushed to the hospital in her wedding gown! Robert says he thinks his wife feels their relationship is doomed because of that incident.


How can Brandi let go of the painful memories and move on? 


Catastrophe in Sin City
Carrie got hitched at a chapel in Las Vegas and says everything that could go wrong did. She says her wedding gifts were stolen, the reception food was undercooked and the rabbi who officiated the service later revealed he was not Jewish and was actually a reverend. Her husband, Mitch, says the ceremony was fine, and he wants his wife to get over it.


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