Imagine answering your phone and hearing, "You don't know me, but I am your sibling." How would you react? Troy Dunn, a professional people finder and host of WE tv's The Locator joins Dr. Phil to share heartwarming and heart-wrenching reunion stories. If you're longing to get back in touch with someone, learn the realities of reunions.


Torn Apart and Reunited

Nycole and her four sisters were taken from their mother as small children and adopted by different families. Over 20 years later, Nycole, who grew up with one of her sisters, located two others and reuinted with them. The siblings enlist Troy Dunn to help them locate the baby of the family.


"We never forgot you, ever."



Reality Sets In
Desiree and Stephanie spent time together after the reunion but now do not speak. Stephanie says she is hurt and angry that Desiree didn't keep in touch. Desiree feels she's an outsider to her new family, and they don't understand her.


Can they resolve the conflict before Desiree departs for Iraq?



Re-Bonding with Mom

Dawn, mother to the five girls, struggled through difficult times in her life, and she lost custody of her daughters because of neglect. With the help of Troy, four of the sisters meet with their mother together for the first time since childhood.


"I would rather this woman be my mom than the person I knew when I was 5."



Devastated and Confused
Wendy says when she was 10 years old her mother sent her to live with her paternal grandparents. She thought she was going on vacation, but she never lived with her mother again. For 23 years, she longed to be reunited with her biological mother, and she contacted Troy for help.


After a frustrating search, Troy locates her mom, but the reunion isn't what Wendy expects.



Rejected and Torn

Melanie attempted to reunite with her biological mother but suffered an outcome similar to Wendy's. She wonders if she should continue on her quest.


Can Troy help Melanie?


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