Dr. Phil follows up with a family whose story captivated viewers. Fourteen siblings say they suffered horrific beatings and molestation at the hands of their own father, who claimed to be the Messiah. The oldest daughter, Jeanne, says she was not only abused by her dad, but was forced to brutally beat her younger brothers and sisters to please their controlling patriarch.


The Conflict Continues

After the show, the relatives say they made great strides toward reconciliation, but tension and resentment still exist. Miriam and Sarah say Jeanne doesn't physically abuse them anymore, but they still feel hurt by her constant judgments.


"Jeanne believes that we are the devil."



A Religious Extremist?

Nathan says his sister, Jeanne's, conservative ways are dividing the family. He says she criticizes everyone's lifestyle, and she reminds them of their domineering dad. Jeanne says she bases her life on the scriptures and just wants her siblings to set higher standards.


Tempers flare as the siblings confront Jeanne onstage. 




On the Outs with Her Sisters

Another sister, Dawn, was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. Although her surgery was successful, she says her sisters, Sarah and Miriam, didn't encourage her recovery.


Will the family be able to heal the wounds of the past and move on?

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