Six thousand women enter menopause every day, and studies have shown that the fairer sex can experience menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms as early as their 20s and 30s. Dr. Phil's wife, Robin, author of What's Age Got to Do with It? is on a mission to show the ladies how to embrace life changes with dignity and grace!


Robin's Journey

Robin recounts her own emotional and physical struggles with the change of life. Learn how she was able to get a handle on her mood swings and hot flashes.


"I am today, at 55, the healthiest that I can be."



Battling the Blahs

Becky says she hasn't gotten a good night's sleep in 12 years, and when she looks in the mirror, she sees a woman who has aged 10 years in 12 months.


Find out what happens after Robin takes Becky under her wing!



Too Young for Hormone Woes?

Michelle is a 33-year-old who says she's chronically exhausted and regrets that she can't spend more time playing with her daughter. Her husband, Mark, says they're not as intimate as they used to be.


What's at the root of Michelle's condition? 



Male Menopause?

Howard is 47 and says he lacks libido, doesn't have the strength to complete simple chores and no longer has a zest for life.


Learn the surprising facts about men and the change of life! 



Bioidentical versus Synthetic Hormones

Jim Hrncir, a compounding pharmacist, explains how women can use natural ways to battle menopausal symptoms.  


Find out how to locate a compounding pharmacist in your area.



When Doctors Learn from Patients

Natalie is an emergency room physician who says she learned important hormone tips from Robin's appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


Robin has a special surprise for Natalie.



A Close Call

Leslie says she was tired for over a year and never thought about testing her thyroid. It wasn't until she discovered a knot on the back of her neck that she was told she had thyroid cancer.


Hear her amazing story.

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What's Age Got to
Do with It?
by Robin McGraw

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