Constant fighting and disagreements between family members can permanently destroy relationships. If you're at war with an in-law or parent, learn how you can rebuild the bond in your feuding family.



Jessica says she hoped her family would love her husband, Seth, as much as she does, but her relatives say they hate him. Jessica says Seth and her mom, Irma, despise each other and constantly engage in verbal battles.


"I get so angry that I literally want to go over there and just slap him."



In-Laws on the Attack

Jessica says she's caught between her mom and her husband, but is she truly a victim or part of the problem? And, Seth's mom, Laurie, weighs in with her thoughts about Jessica and Irma.


"You need to get out of their lives."



Mother vs. Daughter

Andrea says her war with her mother, Vicki, started when Vicki gave her an ultimatum. They've barely spoken since.


"All she cares about is the money."



Hostile Household

Simon, Andrea's ex-husband, says Vicki creates the drama in the relationship. Find out his thoughts about the war between Vicki and Andrea. Can and should this mother/daughter relationship be saved?


"Vicki likes to control Andrea with money."