For many women, a fairytale wedding day is a sweet fantasy " but getting to the altar can be a real nightmare! Dr. Phil's guests need help overcoming the commitment issues that hinder their chances for successful marriages.


Afraid to Marry?

Amber and Rich live, work and have children together, and say they're happy but can't seem to take the next step. Rich sold Amber on his plan to marry her after five years, but hasn't proposed after nearly seven.


Will Rich finally decide to walk down the aisle ... on Dr. Phil's stage?



Married and Divorced Seven Times

Jill wants to know why she can't maintain a successful marriage and what she can do to make her next union last. Her daughter, Emily, says her mom's multiple marriages have negatively affected her brother.


Is Jill picking the wrong men, or is the problem deeper? 



Runaway Bride

Candy describes her first marriage as lasting 18 miserable years, and she regrets how she poisoned her daughters against men during that time. Her daughter, Summer, calls herself the Runaway Bride because she keeps ending engagements.


What can Summer do to ensure she makes it to the altar next time?



Proposals Do Happen

A don't-miss moment happens in Dr. Phil's audience!