Telling you how to dress, when to take a shower and what to watch on TV sounds like normal behavior from a mother, but what about a wife? Yadia is a self-proclaimed control freak who says she cannot stop controlling everything and everyone in her life, and her family says, "Enough is enough!"


The Alpha Dog

Yadia admits she controls her family, makes all the decisions and always gets her way. Her husband, David, says he feels like he's in prison, and if Yadia doesn't change, a third separation may be a possibility. Dr. Phil conducts an experiment to see how Yadia will do when she can't call the shots.


"I'm freaking out a little bit." 




A Day in Their Life

Yadia picks up a videocamera and shows what her family goes through in a typical day. And, Yadia's mother and sister share their experiences. 


"Yadia doesn't allow David to be a husband."



Unfinished Emotional Business

Dr. Phil gets to the root of Yadia's need to be in charge ... but can she hear him when her son's collar is not sitting the correct way? And, Yadia opens up about her heart-breaking history.


"You need to learn how to forgive yourself for the things about which you feel guilt and shame."