Dr. Phil pulls compelling, dramatic and tragic stories from the news to humanize them, ask the tough questions, uncover the truth, and offer advice on how we can learn from these events.


Caught on Tape
A young mother believed that she could trust her boyfriend to care for her baby twins, but a hidden video camera proved otherwise.

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After the Show Follow-Up

During the show, Dr. Phil told Amber that to start her healing process, she should "go out and heal others, become a spokesperson against child abuse." After the show, Amber wrote a letter directed at parents and childcare givers, encouraging them to listen to their instincts and be aware of the possibilities of child abuse.

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Uterus "Branding"
How would you feel if your doctor inscribed the initials of his alma mater on one of your internal organs? Meet the woman whose doctor did just that, and is now taking him to court.

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Fugitives or Heroes?
When grandparents suspected their granddaughter was being sexually abused by her father and stepfather, they tried taking legal action to protect her. When that failed, they resorted to drastic action: kidnapping.
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Fact or Science Fiction?
Dr. Phil attempts to uncover the truth behind this shocking headline by interviewing the co-founder of Clonaid and leader of the Raelian religious group.


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Extra Content

Additional information on the doctors that appeared in the Uterus Branding segment:
Dr. Amy Rosenman

Dr. William Parker
Author of the book A Gynecologist's Second Opinion