Cosmetic surgery among teens 18 and younger has more than tripled over a 10-year period. Dr. Phil talks to young women who say they face pressure from the media, their peers and even their own parents to be beautiful.


More Than Skin Deep

Martha says she wants her 18-year-old daughter, Jennifer, to get liposuction, breast implants, a nose job and laser hair removal because "beauty sells." Jennifer says she's satisfied with her looks, and she wants her mom to back off.


Dr. Phil gives Martha a wake-up call, and it's not pretty! 

Twice under the Knife?

Eighteen-year-old Ashley says she wants a second breast implant surgery to increase to a DD cup size because "pretty people get more opportunities in life." Ashley's father and stepmother say the first surgery was necessary to boost Ashley's self-esteem, but they're against her getting any more procedures.


A cosmetic surgeon demonstrates what bigger breasts will look like. 


Too Young for a Nip and Tuck?

Tracey is only 17 but says it's time for breast implants, Botox for her crow's feet, and lip and cheek injections! Her father, Jeff, says he supports her emotionally, but he refuses to shell out the loot for her procedures.


What does Dr. Phil think?


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