In these devastating economic times, companies are closing their doors, and millions of Americans have found themselves out of work. One of the cities hardest hit by the recession is Detroit, Michigan where the unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 24 percent. Dr. Phil goes on location in the Motor City to talk to families in serious financial despair. Find out what all families can do to get through tough times.


With the help of Detroit radio station WJR, and affiliate television station WWJ-TV, Dr. Phil gets the word out for Detroiters to ask him their questions at the famed Music Hall.


"It's one thing to lose your house; it's another thing to lose your marriage."


Watch a clip from Dr. Phil's town hall meeting.

Living Unemployment Paycheck to Unemployment Paycheck

Dr. Phil sits down with Jennifer and Jake, who were recently laid off. Now the college graduates say they can't afford a home phone or new baby clothes for their 7-month-old son. Jake says he fears that if he doesn't get a job soon, his family will be out on the street.


Don't miss Dr. Phil's action plan for this couple in crisis. 


Pink Slip Blues

Shaniece was recently laid off from Chrysler and worries that her husband, Devin, could get the ax any day now. They say they're stressed out about money, and they worry about providing for their 10-month-old son.


What can they do to turn their financial outlook around?


A Helping Hand
Dr. Phil and best-selling author Mitch Albom tour Detroit's historic Pilgrim Church and meet with a drug-dealer-turned-pastor who uses the rundown building to help Detroit's homeless. Don't miss Dr. Phil's surprise for the minister.


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