She changed your diapers, cooked your meals, did your laundry and put up with your bratty attitude, but does Mom always know what's best for you? Dr. Phil's guests are three moms: one who hasn't cut the cord, another who can't get along with her teen and a third who can't say no. Will their outlook change once they talk with Dr. Phil?


Time to Cut the Cord?

Bobby, 24, lives with his mom, Rhonda. She tells him when to go to bed and pay his bills, buys him anything he wants and even irons his boxers. Bobby says he's had enough and wants his mom to let him grow up. Bobby's girlfriend, Kristi, says the mother and son have an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship.


Who will decide to cut the cord first: Bobby or Rhonda?


Teen Tantrums or Misguided Mom?

Angie says her 13-year-old daughter, Savanna's, behavior is out of control. She says the teen is failing school, is extremely hateful and has a horrible attitude. Savanna says she'd rather be in jail than live at home, and it's her mom's fault they constantly fight.


What do mother and daughter need to do to get along?


Most Amazing Mom

Doug says his wife, Dana, is a wonderful mom and caring person. She raises three kids, works part-time, volunteers, takes care of family members and never stops helping others. 


Doug surprises Dana, and Dr. Phil surprises the couple!


Surprise for Moms

Kids from around the country wish their moms and grandmas a happy Mother's Day! Could your family be one of them?


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