Do you still have an adult child living at home, rent-free, hot meals, all expenses paid? Just like a boomerang, do your kids keep coming back? Or do you send money to your adult children?
If you didn't figure out the difference between helping your children and setting them up to expect less of themselves in "Moochers, Part 1," it's not too late to learn how and when to cut the cord.

Mark, 27, and Chris, 29, are still living at home with their parents. Short of selling the house, what can their folks do to encourage their boys to get out on their own?




Dominick is 25, unemployed, and lives at home with his mother " who's considering getting a second job to keep supporting him. His younger sister wants him to stop mooching off their mom.




Marcy is fed up that her 32-year-old husband still asks his parents to help them pay their bills. She's embarrassed about it and is losing respect for her complacent husband.



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