Have you ever thought about how your relationship with your dad affects your life? A daughter who has a positive relationship with her father has a better chance of thriving. But when a girl comes to find that she's not Daddy's little girl, the realization can be devastating. Dr. Phil explores the stories of two young women whose lives have been turned upside down because of the kind of relationships they have with their father.


A Relationship Filled with Hurt and Pain

Lauren says she's angry with her dad, Gary, because she feels he has not been there for her emotionally or financially, and she blames him for everything that has gone wrong in her life. They fight often, and she says she wants to let go of him and move on, but her father, Gary, wants her back in his life.


"I don't feel anything from him."


Concerned for His Daughter's Safety

Gary is extremely worried about Lauren's safety and feels that she puts her life at risk. He says he lives in fear of getting a phone call that his daughter is dead. How did a college graduate go from hitting the books to walking the streets? Is her job choice related to her relationship with her father?


"It's time to stop waiting for the phone call and make one!"


Healing Their Feelings
Gary reveals a piece of personal information to Lauren that elicits a surprising reaction. And will Gary accept responsibility for his actions, or will he continue to make excuses?


What's the next step for Lauren and Gary, and will it include a relationship with each other?


Following in Her Mother's Footsteps?

Angela and her daughter, Lily, are both experiencing the aftermath of having troubled relationships with their fathers. Angela says she's had problems with men her entire life and worries Lily will also. Lily says her father is not there for her emotionally, and she has given up hope that they can revive the relationship they had when she was younger.


Are Angela's actions causing a rift between Lily and her father?