With the current state of the economy, many Americans believe that getting fit and healthy is just too expensive. Dr. Phil tells you how to get in shape for the summer without going broke.


When it comes to losing weight, Dr. Phil says, "Do it right one time. This roller-coaster dieting will kill you. You will gain weight on roller-coaster, yo-yo diets. They don't work, so why not just say, â€ĈYou know what? I'm going to do this right one time and be done with it for the rest of my life.' And you can all do it within your budget, I promise."


Amazing Transformations

Check out the Ultimate Weight Loss Solution participants nine months into their weight loss journey!


See the proof that dramatic change is possible! 



Confronting Her Personal Truth

Sometimes losing the weight is the easy part. Kris went from 305 pounds to an unbelievable 148 pounds. That's a total weight loss of 157 big ones. She went from a size 26 to a size 6, but says she still feels like the heavy girl. What is she doing wrong? 


"When I look in the mirror, I still see problems." 



Too Costly to Lose Weight?

Niki and Tara are moms who say they want to lose weight so they can slip into their bikinis for summer, but they can't afford to eat healthy food. Dr. Phil and nutritionist Robert Reames show them how wrong they are. See the real cost of fast-food meals, and find out the healthy fast-food choices you can make when you're on the go.  


Plus, a cooking-at-home tip that can save you time and money! 



A Return to Health

Jeffrey and Richard are brothers who came to see Dr. Phil last summer, desperate to lose weight. Jeffrey weighed 284 pounds, and Richard was 452 pounds. Their health was on the line.


See their dramatic lifestyle turnaround. 



On Top of the World

Lauren and Joe are twins who loved to rib each other about their weight and often got into fights. They've turned their relationship around and have lost a combined total of more than 120 pounds in the last nine months!  


Dr. Phil has some spectacular surprises in store for them! 



Inspiring Performance

Singer and songwriter Margo Reymundo performs her song, "Between Us" from her album, My Heart's Desire.


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