When Dr. Phil last interviewed Drew Peterson,  the former police officer maintained that he had nothing to do with the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy, or the drowning of his third wife, Kathleen Savio, whose death was originally ruled accidental. In a shocking twist, Drew was recently arrested and charged with Kathleen's murder, and now a grand jury is currently reviewing Stacy Peterson's case.

Legal analyst Lisa Bloom explains that a new law in Illinois may allow into evidence some statements Kathleen and Stacy allegedly made before their respective death and disappearance. Kathleen allegedly told her sister, ‘If anything happens to me, Drew killed me.' She allegedly wrote a letter to the prosecutor during their child custody battle, saying, ‘He will do anything to get custody of the kids, even kill me.' And Stacy Peterson allegedly told her pastor that Kathleen had been killed by Drew Peterson and that he had confessed it to her. Normally dismissed in court as hearsay, these statements may now be admitted if the prosecutor can show that a victim was killed to prevent them from being a witness. Will this reported testimony from the grave be enough to sway jurors? Drew Peterson's attorneys, Joel Brodsky and Reem Odey, weigh in.

And, Kathleen's sister, Anna Doman, filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Drew Peterson. She shares shocking stories of psychological terror and physical abuse that Kathleen suffered during her marriage to Drew. Anna says she knew Drew was going to kill her sister.

And, Gloria Allred, attorney for Drew's 24-year-old fiancée, Christina Raines, shares the latest with the on-again off-again couple: Christina stands by her man and still considers herself engaged to Drew. Christina's father, Ernie Raines, isn't so sure, saying his daughter wasn't happy to discover that Drew reportedly cheated on her.

Dr. Phil explains he sees behavior in Drew that could be characteristic of a person with anti-social personality disorder. "There's often a lack of empathy. These people just don't have the ability to connect with other people's feelings. They have a superficial charm. They're often narcissistic. They have an inflated ego. They typically can be impulsive, they can be deceitful, they can be manipulative, and they can be aggressive. They tend not to adhere to the rules." Drew's lawyers say his quirky behavior is just on par with his rough-around-the-edges personality.

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  • If you have any information regarding Stacy Peterson's disappearance, contact the Illinois State Police at (815) 726-6377(815) 726-6377.