Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat series was an intense, emotional experience for 14 people who decided it was time to change their lives. Struggling with issues such as addiction, anger, abuse and grief, these guests confronted their personal demons once and for all. Dr. Phil follows up with some of his courageous guests. 

Get to know these guests. 


A Shameful Past

Wade's painful journey took him back to a nightmare that began at 9 years old when he was raped, followed by years of sexual abuse. It affected who he thought he was and his relationships with women.


"The retreat was a life-changer, to say the least." 



In Love with Mr. Wrong

Paige came to Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat because she was madly in love with a married man and her life was in shambles. She wasn't sure she could live without him. 


"I've made different choices."



A Life-Crippling Fear

Kathleen joined the retreat because she was terrified of African-American men. She was raped by a black man and had been living in fear of all black men ever since. Dr. Phil paired Kathleen with Wade during the retreat so she could face her fear. Kathleen and Wade have become friends over the phone, but she's nervous about seeing him again.  


Kathleen shares a recent incident with an African-American man. 

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