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"It's Driving Me Nuts"

Chet, a carpenter, left his own household projects unfinished. After 10 years without running water in the bathroom, his wife couldn't take it anymore.

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 A Celebrity Question

Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show, asks: "Do you think happiness is a right or a privilege?"


Dr. Phil's answer might surprise you.


The Dog or the Daughter

Kelly issued an ultimatum to her husband, Dean: Choose between his aggressive dog or their marriage and 2-year-old daughter.



Dr. Phil weighs in.


Avid Reader or Hoarder?

Paula's husband's collection of more than 4,000 books has spilled over into their bed.



Dr. Phil gives his "read."


Trying to be a Trooper

Vicki's whole life revolves around the Boy Scouts because that's the only way she gets to spend time with her husband and two sons. She's had it.



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