The news of kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard found after 18 years, alive and living with her alleged captor, Phillip Garrido, has shocked the country. What are the circumstances surrounding the lives of Jaycee, now 29, and her daughters, ages 15 and 11, who are allegedly fathered by Garrido? How could a convicted sex offender allegedly conceal three women in his backyard and keep them a secret for 18 years? What did the neighbors see, and why didn't Jaycee attempt to escape? Plus, when anonymous 911 calls were made regarding this family, what kept police from connecting the dots? Dr. Phil and his panel of experts discuss all angles of this chilling report of life in captivity.


Joining Dr. Phil are MSNBC Crime Analyst and former FBI profiler and hostage negotiator Clint Van Zandt and Associate Professor of Psychology and Director of the Culture and Trauma Research Lab at Pepperdine University Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis.


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Profile of a Pedophile

What kind of person was Phillip Garrido? His neighbors open up about the man next door and his alleged explanation of who the girls were in his backyard. Plus, do you have a predator in your neighborhood? Would you know what to look for?


Learn how to discover who your neighbors are. 



Why Didn't She Run?

Garrido was finally caught thanks to quick-thinking police at U.C. Berkeley. But how did the police not connect the dots after a phone call in 2006? Plus, find out why Jaycee may have felt she couldn't escape.


"The number one tool of an abuser is isolation." 



Inside the Compound

Two business associates share their experiences with Garrido, including meeting his girls and testing his bizarre telepathic invention. Plus, a reporter describes what she allegedly saw inside Jaycee's prison and how the neighborhood is reacting.


And, could Garrido have an insanity defense? 



How to Protect Your Kids

What's next for Jaycee and her daughters? Can they acclimate to the real world after years in isolation? And, learn how to keep your children safe.


"We always need to be aware." 

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  • To get a copy of Clint Van Zandt's free DVD Protecting Children from Predators, go to
  • Read Phillip Garrido's Manifesto here, courtesy of KRON-TV, San Franciso.

  • Kidnapped at 11, Shawn Hornbeck knows the hell Jaycee Lee Dugard went through to survive. Watch his only interview, Saturday, Sept. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS' 
    48 Hours Mystery.

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