If your friend or family member has an unusual behavior, does that mean he or she is not normal? Dr. Phil's guests question the extreme behavior of their loved ones and want to know if it's normal.



Dustin says his wife, Gina's, obsession with buying and returning items is not normal. Her behavior has become so extreme, he's threatening divorce. Gina says she just can't stop.


What's driving Gina's behavior?



Partner in Crime

Gina and her mother, Glenna, often shop and return items together. Glenna says this is how she bonds with her daughter. But is she enabling Gina's actions? And could Gina be passing on her habit to her daughters?


Find out what brings Gina to tears.



Risky, Dangerous and Life-Threatening

Ryan says his wife, Devlyn's, money-making idea to pay off their debt is anything but normal, and it could end up killing her. Devlyn says the amount of debt they have incurred scares her, and she can pay part of it with one simple job.


Will Devlyn change her mind after talking with Dr. Phil?



Can't Keep a Job

Billy, 24, has been hired and fired over 30 times in the last seven years. His mother, Lauren, wants to know if her son's track record is normal and how she can help him stay employed.


Could there be another reason Billy can't hold down a job?



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