Dr. Phil hits the road to kick off an all-new season! First stop: New York City! From house calls to bridal boutiques, Dr. Phil meets you where you are to answer your most pressing questions and offer practical solutions.


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Stephanie says her life is chaotic, and she can't slow down. Her daughter, Sophie, 7, has been diagnosed with ADHD, and her son, Bennett, 6, has been diagnosed with leukemia. Stephanie says her kids keep her so busy, she doesn't have time to unpack from their move a year ago, let alone clean up! She wants to know how to get her house in order, including her kids.


Stephanie gives an update!




Busiest Moms in New York City

Karen says she never found the right man, so she had children on her own when she was 40. Now, she's a single mom of 10-month-old twin girls and runs a billion-dollar global consulting firm. She says she is constantly on the run and is so busy, sometimes she exercises in her power suit! "I am so stressed out that when I can't sleep, I wash my car at 2:00 a.m.," she says. Karen says her top priority is her children, and she doesn't want them to feel like they're missing out on anything. She knows she needs to slow down, but doesn't know how. She wants to know if she should quit her job and find something that pays less so she can have more time with her girls.


Kara has seven kids and says that she and her husband are so stressed their house is filled with yelling. "By 5:00 p.m., I'm losing my mind and take Advil like there's no tomorrow," she says. "From when I wake up until I go to bed, I feel like I am failing at my job, which is simply being a mom." She says she is overwhelmed with keeping the house in order and wishes her children, ages 4 to 21, and husband, would give her a hand. She wants to know how to stop the screaming and is asking her husband and kids to pitch in, is it too much?


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A Wedding without Mom

Every year, Kleinfeld Bridal helps more than 20,000 brides find the perfect look for the biggest day of their life. Women from all over the world flock to the store in search of the ultimate wedding dress. Dr. Phil chats with a bride-to-be about her biggest concern as she approaches her special day.


Jenna, 28, is panicking about her wedding day. Find out why she says she's terrified to walk down the aisle. She wants to know how to deal with the anxiety of finding the right dress, getting down the aisle and focusing on the positives. Jenna's sister, Lindsay, is trying to help her sibling enjoy the good things on her wedding day.


How can Jenna experience the joy of her wedding without dwelling on her anxieties?




Ready for Marriage

Jodi was in a relationship and eagerly awaiting the next step: moving in, getting married and having babies. Then her boyfriend of three-and-a-half years broke up with her over the phone, saying he wasn't ready. Jodi wants to know if he was against marriage in general, or just against marriage to her, and if they got back together, would she be settling?


Dr. Phil as advice for Jodi, and she shares an update.



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