From the oldest ice cream company in America to a historic battleship, Dr. Phil takes to the streets to tackle Philadelphia's biggest questions and help get lives back on track. Plus, don't miss amazing surprises for deserving people!


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Reading Terminal Market
Dr. Phil meets with families at the historic Reading Terminal Market and offers solutions to their most pressing problems. How can a couple balance their vastly different parenting styles? What can a mother do when she doesn't approve of her adult son's living arrangement? And more! Plus, Dr. Phil visits the oldest ice cream company in America and checks out the best Amish pretzels in town!




Battle of the Cheesesteaks
A visit to Philadelphia wouldn't be complete without a Philly cheesesteak! Dr. Phil meets with the owners of two rival restaurants " right across the street from each other. It's a taste-off with Pat's King of Steaks and Geno's.  




Dr. Phil's Marriage Carriage
Couples in conflict take a horse-drawn ride through historic Philly with Dr. Phil. What do you do when you want children but your wife is terrified of giving birth? And, how can you get your husband to let go of his controlling habits? And more! 



Shootin' Hoops

Dr. Phil meets with Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young from the Philadelphia 76ers. He shows off his hook shot, and they show him how to dance the "Stanky Leg."

Don't miss this hilarious moment!

See what Andre and Thaddeus had to say about it on their Twitter pages here and here! 




Battleship New Jersey
Dr. Phil meets with a special military mom aboard the historic Battleship New Jersey. Mary's son, Adam, died while serving in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Inspired by a phone call from her son days before he was killed, the grieving mom founded Operation Bedding, which sends items of comfort, such as bedding, pillows and socks, to military personnel. 


To learn more about Operation Bedding, go to, and to contribute to Operation Bedding, go to The Dr. Phil Foundation.



See Dr. Phil speak with passengers on Amtrak as they travel between New York City and Philadelphia!


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