The recent return of Jaycee Lee Dugard, after 18 years, rocked the nation. She was allegedly kidnapped and held captive by Phillip Garrido. Find out the latest news in this case. And, in an exclusive, Dr. Phil talks with the surviving children of Marcus Wesson, a man convicted of incest and murder. See the advice they have for Jaycee. If you're a parent, you don't want to miss the tips for keeping your children safe.


Jaycee's Homecoming
Jaycee Lee Dugard was 11 years old when she was captured 18 years ago. Recently, she was reunited with the family she once knew. A former FBI profiler and a local news reporter share the latest news about the case.


"She was a true victim."



Living with the Memories
Katie was Garrido's first rape victim. She put him behind bars 32 years ago. Learn how she responded to Garrido's recent arrest. And, hear from Garrido's neighbor, Haydee, and find out why she's so frightened.


"I am so angry about how the system failed all of us."



Predators Among Us
Dr. Phil explains how you can find out who is living next door to you or in your neighborhood. You may be shocked to see the results.


"That's shocking. It's scary."



Exclusive Interview
Meet survivors of horrific incest and abuse at the hands of their father. The family of mass murderer Marcus Wesson speaks out for the first time. Find out how they lived a life of abuse similar to what Jaycee may have experienced. And, a new family secret is revealed.


"There was nothing I could do about it. I was so afraid of him."



Advice for Jaycee
Kiani and Gypsy share advice for Jaycee moving forward. And, meet the courageous woman who helped this family after the massacre.


"Some days you forget, and some days you don't."


Final Thoughts

"As parents, we need to resolve, right now, this minute, to actively know who we are exposing ourselves and our children to. The truth is, there are predators in our midst, and I don't want to alarm you, I don't want to scare you, but we must know who is in our lives. We must resolve to know our neighbors, our friends, our teachers, our coaches, in-laws, extended families, anybody who is around us," Dr. Phil says. "The predators are usually those who are closest to us."