From balancing work and family to changing diapers and attending soccer games, being a mom is a challenging job. Dr. Phil has advice for women who feel overwhelmed.


Disciplined by Strangers?

Should strangers be able to spank children who are acting up in public? Dr. Phil discusses two shocking headlines, and the audience weighs in.


What would Robin do?



Non-Custodial Mother

Maria says she made the controversial decision to give up physical custody of her three children to their father to pursue a childhood dream of writing a book.


"I'm accused of not being a good mother."



Audience Debate

Melissa, a mother of five, has some strong words for Maria. Plus, meet two guests who applaud Maria's choices.


"Women who give up custody are just selfish, selfish, selfish!" 



A Full-Time Job

Erica has four kids under age 7 and says she's overwhelmed. She says she has no time to herself, she's tired of the tantrums, and some days she just wants to get in her car and drive off!


Would Erica change places with Maria?



Obsessed with Motherhood?

Katie, 15, says she wants to have a child by the time she's 20. She even dreams of having 10 to 12 kids one day! What's behind the teen's obsession?


Will spending a day with Erica give Katie a wake-up call?

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