When the Dr. Phil Family first appeared on the show, they wanted help with their daughter, Alexandra, who was 15 and pregnant. Recently, they returned because their youngest daughter, Katherine, was arrested for lying to police when she covered up for her boyfriend, Sean. Find out what happens when Katherine faces the judge, and see the first meeting between Erin Sean. And, learn the shocking news about Alexandra.



Alexandra Update
Erin fears Alexandra is also making bad choices. She shares frightening information with Dr. Phil.


"Their relationship is very combative."


Mysterious Bruises
When they last appeared, Erin told Dr. Phil that Katherine came home one night covered in bruises. Learn how Katherine says she got the wounds. And, Katherine's boyfriend of four months, Sean, and Erin speak for the first time over the phone.


Erin confronts Sean about the bruises.


Katherine's Day in Court
Cameras follow Katherine and her attorney, Lee Lockett, to court, as she faces a judge to learn her punishment. What must Katherine do now?


Dr. Phil doesn't think Katherine understands the severity of her crime.


Meet Sean
Katherine is desperate to help Sean get out of jail and possibly end the case of the missing diamond ring. Find out what Sean is really like. Is he bad news for Katherine, or is he a decent guy who got mixed up with the wrong crowd?


Erin has tough questions for Sean and wants straight answers.

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