Have you ever been the target of vicious lies, had your reputation ruined by false accusations or done something you wish you could take back? Pull up a chair because this show is for you! Parents, don't forget to make your teens watch, so they can learn from these mistakes!


Smeared for Life?

Twenty-year-old Kevin's life was changed in an instant when a horrendous accusation was made against him and three other young men at Hofstra University. Public opinion on the street included words like "death penalty," "monster" and "scum of the earth," but what if the accusation wasn't true?


Can Kevin ever repair his nationally tarnished reputation? 




Family Torment

The accusation doesn't just affect Kevin. His 12-year-old sister, Giselle, has been bullied at school because of her brother's troubles.


Dr. Phil has a talk with the pre-teen backstage. 




New Trend, Big Mistake

Chelsea, 18, did something two years ago that is still haunting her today. A recent study reveals that 20 percent of young adults make this mistake, and it can jeopardize their reputation forever. Teens beware: Don't assume what you send via the Internet will only go to your intended recipient. 


Learn what to do if your reputation is being attacked on the Internet.



It's Your Turn, Dr. Phil!

 How did Dr. Phil protect his kids from Internet mistakes?