Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Erin, Katherine, and Sean, Katherine's boyfriend. Katherine was arrested for lying to police about her boyfriend of four months, Sean, who was involved in the theft of an expensive piece of jewelry. Find out Sean's side of the story, and hear what his mom has to say about his relationship with Katherine. And, is Sean or Katherine more invested in the relationship?


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.


Young Love
On the last show, Sean met Erin for the first time, and she had tough questions for him. Now, Sean shares his answers. And, emotions run high as Dr. Phil drills down for the truth. 


Who is more invested in the relationship: Katherine or Sean?



Sean's Perspective

When Sean was released from jail, he shared his viewpoint on what led up to the arrest and how the chaos began. And, Sean's mother, Caren, joins the show. Does she agree with Dr. Phil's words to her son?  


Is Sean ready to change his behavior?



Realities of Birth Control
Katherine says she doesn't want to end up a pregnant teen like her sister, Alexandra. Dr. Phil has a candid conversation with her about birth control, and you'll be surprised at what she reveals. And, Sean shares his intentions for his relationship with Katherine. 


Dr. Phil has strong words for the couple.  



A Fresh Start

The current situation has put a strain on Erin and Katherine's relationship, and Erin isn't willing to sit by and watch her daughter hurt herself. She captures home video of Katherine with her emotions running high.


Dr. Phil helps Katherine see her mom's point of view.

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