The McGraws make a surprise announcement, and you don't want to miss the news! And, learn how to keep your family from being torn apart by financial discord and find out tips to avoid foreclosure.


Dr. Phil and Robin Break Big News

Being in the spotlight oftentimes makes Dr. Phil and Robin targets for rumors and lies. Along with their sons, Jay and Jordan, and daughter-in-law, Erica, they address a personal question many people have been asking.


The McGraws make a surprise announcement!



Denying Debt

Charlie kept a secret from his wife and as a result, their family has been kicked out of their house and the marriage is on the rocks. His wife, Nicole, is furious and doesn't know if she wants to rebuild their relationship.


Is Charlie ready to deal with reality?



Steps for Avoiding Foreclosure

Investment broker Marilyn Logan tells you how to avoid foreclosure and dig yourself out of a financial hole.  



Out-of-Control Spending

Phillip is a 23-year-old husband who buys items he can't afford. He has used his family's savings and is afraid that his overspending is going to cost him his wife and family.


What's at the root of Phillip's urge to splurge? 



It's Your Turn

Has Dr. Phil ever been in debt?

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