Do you think you know what your teen daughters are doing at a school dance or even during the day when you're not around? Think again. A new documentary, Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss, gives you a shocking glimpse into the world of teens and sex " a world your daughter, neighbor or babysitter may be participating in. Hear from teens, parents and school administrators and learn how you can keep your daughter safe. 


"We've made a commitment here at the Dr. Phil show to keep parents informed. I have said that I want you to be ahead of the curve. You don't want to be the last one to find out what teens are up to in this day and time," Dr. Phil says. "If kids are coming up with new games, new drugs, new habits or patterns that are putting them in harm's way, I'm going to find out what it is. I'm going to bring it here. I'm going to tell you about it. You're not always going to want to hear about it, but I am going to tell you the truth."


This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.


Oral Sex is the New Goodnight Kiss

The new documentary and book chronicle the shocking sex lives of teen girls. You'll be surprised to learn what activities they engage in and why they do it. Hear from the author and filmmaker, Sharlene Azam, and find out why other girls may be the biggest threat to your child.


"Girls are using sex and oral sex to become the center of attention."



In Her Own Backyard

Samantha says she threw up when she found out that her 14-year-old daughter, Allie, had been set up by a girl at school to give sexual favors to a boy, so that her friend could benefit by getting drugs and concert tickets. And, hear how Allie hid her behavior and the surprising reasons she participated.


"This girl told the younger girls that by becoming popular, sex was nothing."



More than Dirty Dancing

Teens in junior high and high school have been caught in compromising positions on campus and at school dances. Hear firsthand what Patty, a mom and  teacher, saw at a school dance, and find out why she won't let her teen son go to prom.


"Girls had their hands on the ground and guys were thrusting behind them."



Staying Safe at School

Jay Guidetti, principal of Beverly Hills High School, shares the plan he instituted at his school. Find out what kids have revealed to him. And, Allison shares shocking information about teen parties, and Brittney recounts how her sexual interactions as a teen led her into a downward spiral.


"I gave sex to receive love that I never had."

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