When you think of a drug addicts, you probably think of people in a dark alley buying their poison from shady characters. The reality is that nearly seven million Americans are abusing prescription drugs " that's more than the number who abuse cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and inhalants combined, and they're your friends, neighbors and kids, who gain access to narcotics from licensed medical professionals. See exclusive scenes from the documentary The OxyContin Express, and learn how you can save someone you love from falling victim to painkiller abuse.


A Mother's Pain

Robert, 25, was raised in an upscale suburban family and says that drugs have taken over his life and they're all he cares about. Robert's parents, Scott and Robin, say his addiction is destroying their family but admit they have been enabling their son.


Will Dr. Phil's tough words wake this family up to the gravity of the situation?



Doctor Shopping

Current TV correspondent Mariana Van Zeller recently filmed The OxyContin Express, a documentary about the deadly epidemic of prescription drug abuse. Ride along as she goes doctor shopping with Tod, who was addicted to OxyContin. Find out how Tod is doing today and how prescription drug abuse destroyed his family.


"Whenever something bad happens, whatever I can get my hands on I use to numb the pain."



Easy Access

Mariana Van Zeller spent two months in Florida shooting the documentary The OxyContin Express. Undercover cameras take you inside a clinic where you can walk away with pills in a matter of minutes.


"They don't ask you how you're doing. They just ask you, 'What do you want me to prescribe to you?'"



It's Your Turn
Did Dr. Phil worry about his sons, Jay and Jordan, using drugs? Find out how he handled the situation when his boys were growing up.


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