Whining, crying, stomping feet, slamming doors ... Does that sound like your children when they don't get what they want, when they want it? If your kids are controlling your household and your world, take Dr. Phil's advice and take back parental control.

Losing the Battle 

Robby and A'Lisa say their 2-year-old daughter, Natalie, is driving the whole family crazy with her out-of-control rages and ear piercing crying spells that occur anytime and anywhere.


Dr. Phil reviews his Life Laws that will help them with Natalie.


Parenting Through Guilt

Erica, a single mom, says her three children are so spoiled, they rule the house ... and completely control her. The kids are so out of control, her sister, Toni, who wrote Dr. Phil, says she refuses to babysit them anymore.


 How can Erica regain control of her kids?


"Materialistic Monsters"

Shannon says she and her husband, Chad, are raising three girls who have skillfully learned how to manipulate their parents. Shannon pleads, "Dr. Phil, please help me take control and stop the madness!"



View Dr. Phil's advice for Shannon and Chad.