Fifty-three out of every 100 siblings abuse their brother or sister. Is it happening in your home? If you're a parent, learn the warning signs of when normal roughhousing and sibling fighting crosses over to abuse and how to stop it from happening.


Who Tormented Whom?

Amanda says her older sister, Corrina, used to roll her up in a carpet and stand her in a corner, where she was left feeling claustrophobic and trapped, and she also used to chase her with a butcher knife. Amanda is 28 years old, but the memory still sticks with her today. Corrina says she was the one terrorized by Amanda's crazy, erratic behavior.


"Because she tormented me, I thought it was OK to torment her back."



A Parent's Concern

Kim is afraid her 11-year-old daughter, Mya, is abusing her 9-year-old son, Ian. She says Mya tells her little brother she hates him and wishes he was never born, and she kicks, bites and punches him daily. The siblings are always fighting and can't be left alone together.


Dr. Phil has a one-on-one talk with Mya. Does she care about her brother's feelings?


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