Dr. Phil continues his two-part series with members of the Wesson family, survivors of what was dubbed the worst crime in Fresno's history, when Marcus Wesson killed nine children, including some he fathered with his daughters and nieces. Soon after his arrest, sordid stories of incest, abuse and brainwashing surfaced. How can these extraordinary people overcome one of the most tragic family horror stories in decades? Don't miss this moving example of courage in the face of the unthinkable, and learn how to survive crisis and trauma in your life.

Catch up on what you missed in Part 1.


The Wesson Men

Marcus Wesson's sons, Serafino, Dorian and Adrian, join the discussion. When Serafino, 24, last appeared with his sisters, Kiani and Gypsy, onstage, he made a heartfelt apology to them for not attempting to stop their father's abuse of them. Because the Wesson children were taught not to speak to one another, they are just now opening up and sharing their stories with each other.

Hear from the Wesson men what life was like under the thumb of their father. 


Why Didn't They Run?

What did the boys know about what happened to their sisters? What did their sisters know about what happened to the boys? And, they answer a question that many people have: Why didn't they just run away?


"Anything outside my family was foreign." 




Small Steps Forward

Marcus Wesson now resides on death row at San Quentin State Prison near San Francisco. Last week, Elizabeth went to the infamous penetentiary. Find out what happened on her visit and the step she's taken to cut ties with Wesson. And, Dr. Phil gives this family some steps for moving forward from this tragedy.


Plus, see what the boys want to say to their mother. 



Where Hope Begins

Alysia is a reporter who took members of this family in when they had no place to go after the murders. She is the author of the book, Where Hope Begins, which is the story of the courageous Wesson family.


Dr. Phil has a message for his viewers. 

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