"I wanted to make someone jealous." "I was bored." "I wanted to feel closer to God." These are just a few of the 237 reasons why women say they have sex. Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Cindy Meston and Dr. Jennifer Berman, a sexual health expert, join Dr. Phil to talk about women and sex, and offer advice to couples with differing libidos.


Women's Reasons for Having Sex

To get an idea of how women feel about having sex, Dr. Phil sends comedienne Kathleen Madigan to talk to women on the street. And, Dr. Cindy Meston, author of Why Women Have Sex, lists the good, bad, silly and shocking reasons that women do the deed.  


You may be surprised by the reasons some women get intimate.



Differing Sexual Appetites

Maribel says the number one reason she has sex is because she likes it. She's gone to great lengths, from dressing sexy to undergoing surgery, to kissing another man to engage her husband, Jeff, but he's just not interested. Jeff says he resists because he's worried he may be at risk for another heart attack.


Find out the real reason Jeff refuses to make love to his wife.



Finding a Middle Ground

Deanna says she only wants sex one way, but her husband of four years, Robert, complains he's bored with the routine and wants to spice things up.


What do they need to do to come together in the bedroom?  



Why Do You Do It?


Find out the top five reasons women have sex and how they compare to men's reasons.


Do men and women have the same motives for sex?

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