How do you really feel about the black person who is standing next to you on the elevator? What really goes through your mind when you pass an Asian person in the grocery store? Dr. Phil tackles hidden racial biases, and he has help from a panel of experts: comedians Paul Mooney, Kate Rigg and Manny Maldonado, civil and family attorney Areva Martin, USC professor of sociology Amon Emeka and radio host Michael Graham.



Myths about the President

Dr. Phil and his panel examine the subtle attacks many feel have been launched against President Obama.


Don't miss this no-holds barred discussion!



Breaking Down Stereotypes

From crime rates to eating habits, there are prejudiced attitudes that people hold about other races. Dr. Phil has members of his panel bust each stereotype.


"White people, my white brothers, you cannot wear cornrows!"



Painful Perception

Howard says that when he's out in public, white people shun him. He says they don't want to walk near him, and when they see him approaching, they move away.


Dr. Phil conducts an experiment with Howard and an audience member!



Culture Clash

Vicki complains that her children have to learn Spanish in school because of Hispanics, and she admits that she has a bias against Asians. 


Can Dr. Phil change Vicki's views about other races?

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Black is the New White
by Paul Mooney

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