If you're a parent having an extramarital affair " whether it's physical or emotional " should you tell your children? Or, if you're thinking about getting a divorce, how much should the kids know and when should they know it? Dr. Phil meets with a family torn apart over one parent's desire for a divorce.


Fractured Family
Carole and Bill have been married for 19 years and have six daughters. Two of their oldest, Kristin and Jenny, say their mom went from being a model mother to someone who is lying and possibly having an affair. Kristin hardly speaks with her mom, and Jenny hasn't spoken to her in two months.

"My mom is single-handedly destroying the family."



Questioning Her Marriage
Carole faces her daughters and Dr. Phil. Who was she with on a week-long trip to Las Vegas and what happened on that trip?


Is she having an affair? 



How Can He Keep Her from Leaving?
Bill doesn't want to lose his wife, even if she had an affair. Kristin and Jenny say their dad needs to stand up for himself.


Did he suspect another man? 



Parents in Denial?
Kristin and Jenny say their parents are in denial about what's going on with their younger daughters. Heather, 18, shocked the family when she went into labor " and she didn't even know she was pregnant! And, could 15-year-old Jessica be following in her older sister's footsteps? And what about the 12-year-old?

"I think that she might have turned a blind eye toward the situation." 


See "Affair Intervention," when Dr. Phil asks Carole a pivotal question that will determine whether this marriage stands a chance.

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