Dr. Phil continues his intervention with a family torn apart. Carole and Bill have been married 19 years and have six daughters. Carole is questioning whether she wants to stay married, and two of their daughters, Kristin and Jenny, accuse her of lying to them about another man in her life. They say their mother has turned into someone they don't recognize, and they're worried about how the family turmoil is affecting their younger sisters. The 18-year-old went into labor without even knowing she was pregnant. Are the two younger girls at risk as well?


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The Pivotal Question
Carole opened up about a recent trip to Las Vegas that she spent with another man. Although she admits she shared a hotel room with him, she says the affair is only emotional at this point, not sexual. Dr. Phil discusses boundaries with her daughters and gives the odds of Carole having a successful relationship with this other man.

Plus, Carole answers a pivotal question to determine if her marriage can be saved.



What about the Kids?
Dr. Phil warns Carole about her husband's seemingly endless patience. And, if Carole moves out, what are the plans for the children in this family? Dr. Phil is concerned about what their youngest child may know about her parents' marriage issues. 


"You've got a 12-year-old who I think is getting caught in the mix here."



Putting Her Marriage First
Is Carole willing to end her relationship with the other man to focus on fixing her marriage? Bill explains why he'd do anything to save his marriage, and Carole is moved to tears. Plus, can she heal her once-close relationship with her older girls? 


"What did I do for you to stop talking to me?"

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