Bleach, keys, bologna " Do you know what these items have in common? They have all been used as weapons of retaliation. Dr. Phil, along with criminal defense attorney Anthony Pope and revenge expert and blogger Dr. Gina Barreca, delve into headline-making revenge stories. In one case, scorned women from Wisconsin were arrested for using superglue on a man's private parts. In another, 15-year-old Michael Brewer was badly burned after telling police that boys stole his dad's bike.


"To condone revenge on any level allows people to take it to this type of conclusion, and that's why it's wrong."



Victim of Revenge

Todd says months after he separated from his wife, Deborah, she took revenge against him and had him arrested and thrown in jail. Now, he says it's payback. Find out why his actions don't reflect his words.


"When I was in jail and I thought of her, I saw red."



Exacting Revenge

Deborah shares her side of the story. Was she really out for revenge?


When Dr. Phil drills down, will Deborah admit to criminal activities?



Is There a Future?

Anthony Pope and Dr. Gina Barreca weigh in on Todd and Deborah's story. Should this couple try and make their marriage work? Dr. Phil shares his thoughts.


"This is a clear example of the domestic violence act being used as a sword instead of shield."



Unexpexcted Outcome

Elizabeth tried to get even with her husband's ex-wife, but the outcome wasn't what she expected.


"I don't think that you can ever really completely redeem yourself." 



What You Didn't See

During a commercial break, audience members speak up about revenge and comment on the news stories.  


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