Dr. Phil continues his in-depth look at a family in crisis. He sits down with Alexandra to get to the bottom of the accusations her family has made against her. Find out why she's living with a convicted felon, the reasons her marriage is falling apart and whether or not she's addicted to pain medication.


Get caught up with the Dr. Phil Family.


Alex's Children

Alex talks with Dr. Phil about her children, 6-year-old son Nathan and 20-month-old daughter Leilah. Find out why Nathan isn't living with her.


"I couldn't think of anything else that would make me more happy than to see him grow up."



Her Choice in Men

Alex married Chris, whom she now wants to divorce. She's currently dating and living with Anthony, whom her family doesn't approve of. Alex explains why her marriage dissolved and why she's living with a convicted felon.


"I've messed up and dated a lot of bad people."



Custody Battles and Drug Use

Alex is currently fighting custody battles with the fathers of both her children, and she will soon face a judge. Dr. Phil wants to make sure she can prove she's a fit mother, so he drills down to get to the truth about her alleged drug use.


Will Alex agree to take a drug test?



Alex and Erin

Alex grows emotional as she describes her conflict-filled relationship with her mother. Why does she believe her mother is willing to testify against her?


"I'm not her idea of what her daughter should be like."


Next, Erin joins the conversation, and find out why she's chosen to testify against Alex in her custody battle.

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