Have you ever been blindsided by tragedy? Dr. Phil shines a spotlight on two horrific stories that shattered families forever.


A Killer in the House
Nick says he was devastated when his father, Michael Nicholaou, shot his stepmother and stepsister and then turned the gun on himself. Now he says he has nightmares about the tragedy and has lost many friends because he is the son of a killer.


Can Nick stop blaming himself for the crimes his father committed? 





Digging for Answers

Michael Nicholaou was a possible suspect in a string of unsolved murders in the Connecticut River Valley in the mid-1980s. Eight years ago, private investigator Lynn-Marie Carty was hired by Nick's grandmother to find Nick's biological mother. She disappeared around the same time and place as the Connecticut River Valley serial killings.


"I don't want to believe it."



Similar Tragedies?

Melissa, from Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat, says she can relate to the pain Nick is going through. Learn what she says shattered her world forever.


"I feel disgraced and embarrassed."



An Emotional Encounter
Jane says she's still haunted by the events of August 6, 1988. On that date, she was stabbed 27 times while she was seven months pregnant.


Learn why Nick and Jane's lives may be forever linked together.

Extra Content

  • If you have any tips or information regarding the Connecticut River Valley murders, please contact the following resources: 

    (727) 384- FIND (3463)

    New Hampshire State Police at (603) 271-2663

    Vermont State Police at (802) 241-5355
  • If you have any information about the disappearance of Michelle Ashley Nicholaou, please contact the Holyoke, Massachusetts Police Department at (413) 322-6940.

Shattered Silence: The Untold Story of a Serial Killer's Daughter
by Melissa G. Moore

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